What Your Social Customers Expect

What would you think if you had been visiting one restaurant every day for lunch and today they were closed?

Over time customers develop expectations, and one of them is that your business is open, ready, and willing to serve.

If you operate a small business you understand this. You open and close on time, and follow a number of other standard business practices.

A new expectation is that your business is friendly.

When the owner or manager personally answers your call you are surprised and happy, ensuring your loyalty.

Today, those calls are not arriving so much be telephone as from the social networks.

Expectations are the result of your good actions. When you commit to managing them they build your business.

Marketing makes promises and production delivers on them. If you establish a Facebook page you have to commit to responding to each and every comment. It’s no different from being open for business.

Here a few tips to help you:

  • Show up. This means respond to all communications.
  • Take risks. Go beyond what previously worked.
  • Be prepared to deliver more.
  • Keep your customers informed. They will love you for this.

How are you building social into your business to meet new customer expectations?

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