What is a Social Media Policy?

A social media policy defines what is exceptable to expect from your followers when interacting with your companies tweets or posts.

It is important to have some rules and regulations to make sure, your followers don’t get out of hand.

Here are some tips when developing your social media policy:

  • Language and manners:Will you reject comments which include offensive or inappropriate language?
  • Personal attacks: Will you allow personal attacks?
  • In an ideal world you might allow people to question or argue your company’s content –after all, this medium is about conversation. However as we all know, this isn’t an ideal world.
  • Even if you do allow criticism, consider outlawing aggressive attacks.
  • On-topic comments: What will you do with comments that veer away from the topic of the post or other peoples’ comments?
  • Comment spam: Will you allow comments that appear to be spam?
  • Number of links: Do you want to limit the number of links that you will allow?
  • Blocking: Will you take action against repeat offenders?
  • Contact: Will you provide a way for commenters to contact someone if their comment is not approved, or if they have other questions?

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