Social Media Reputation Management

How do your prospects learn about what you do?

Unless you happen to have met your client face-to-face, your client learns about you from what you happened to shared online.

If you have been in business for some time, you may already know that you should research a client before you commit to joining forces. Even more these days on Facebook & Twitter.

While you are doing your research  on your prospective client, they are doing their due diligence on you.

Things they may be looking for are:

  1. What kind of business you are?
  2. Whether you’re good at what you do.
  3. If you can be trusted to deliver when you say you’ll deliver.

Be careful what you share  online. Even if you are posting in a private forum, there’s a chance that someone else might share it.

Make sure your social media has the same policy. With more social media posts, going viral, being in appropriate, offending a certain group of people, etc can harm your business growth.

Be upfront, honest, provide quality information and deliver on what you say you do and you will be fine.

If you need help managing your social media, feel free to fill in the contact form to the right of this page and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible. It’s more affordable than you think at under $50 per week for a full social media management solution.


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