Promoted Tweets On Twitter

One of the key problems for businesses using Twitter, has been it’s small life value of a tweet.

A recent study has suggested that the  lifespan of a Tweet was around 1 hour – in that 92% of all the re-Tweets happen during that single hour.

After that, you might get a few irregular  Twitter fanatics chasing up with an untimely RT, but don’t count on it.

Promoted Tweets help brands to get their Tweets into new streams, but retain the requirement of popularity (Retweets) in order for such Tweets to survive.

Promoted Tweets is a great way to highlight particular campaigns, promotions, or offers which you’d like to get more visibility over a longer period of time.

You can support these tweets with engaging images and videos to better illustrate your offer and give your lead generation efforts even more potency.

Here is a great example from Disney:

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