LinkedIn Branding Tips For Small Businesses

LinkedIn is one of the most widely used social networks with an ever-growing user-base.

LinkedIn profiles and company pages also rank high on Google. Small businesses can take advantage of LinkedIn to create a positive brand image.

Although LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for small businesses to reinforce their brand; it is still relatively under-utilised. If used correctly, it can provide a boost to your social media marketing efforts.


1. Create a Company Page or Group

This may seem obvious but I have come across many small businesses that still only have a personal profile on LinkedIn and do not have a company page for their business. They still think of LinkedIn as a network for professionals and are not taking full advantage of LinkedIn on an organisational level. Creating a company page is the first step for any small business.

2. Treat Your Linkedin Page Like Another Website

Treat your LinkedIn company page as a micro-site to supplement your corporate website as opposed to a single page with little information. LinkedIn lets you use your page as a mini-site with several sections and tabs as opposed to a single timeline. Make sure to take advantage of this. Add as much information as possible and utilise all available sections.

3. Optimize your LinkedIn Page for Keywords

Making sure your page can be found is integral to good branding. Optimising your LinkedIn Page correctly will ensure it appears in the results when others are searching for your brand, products or services. You can use the same on-page optimisation techniques that apply to any web page. Make sure to use your primary search term throughout your page and place your keywords strategically in several places within your page content e.g.  Description, specialisation, and in the services section.

4. Keep it Updated

Having a page that is out of date or seldom updated can be bad for branding. Having very little information and rare updates on your LinkedIn Company Page negatively affects how others perceive your brand. It is hence important to ensure you keep your page up to date at all times and post regular updates. It is also important to use status updates to share quality information, links to useful resources, and other information that adds value for your audience. This will add credibility and trust to your brand.

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