How to Start Building a Community on Facebook

Facebook allows you to gain access to a large audience by connecting with people and build a community in a way that was practically unthinkable before social media.

Facebook is also a great way to improve traffic to your blog or website.

First decide if you want a Facebook “Profile,” or “Page”

What’s the difference? A profile is reserved for people; a Page is for a business or brand. If you have already created a profile for yourself, but have decided to use Facebook for professional purposes, you can migrate your profile to a Page.

Unlike with a personal profile, if you create a Page, other users don’t become your “Friends,” they “Like” you instead.

Using Facebook for business purposes allows you to install all sorts of applications that make the page more fun, functional and interactive.

If you decide to have only a profile, you will also be limited to 5000 friends. Once you reach that limit, people can subscribe to your updates but they will not be your “friends.”

If there are companies whose work is similar to yours, or whose work you admire, “Like” them, or become a subscriber, so you can see what these business owners are doing to promote their work and create an engaged community.

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