Facebook Tagging

Facebook Tagging can be a effective way of getting the attention of a particular person or page, or providing recognition for something good that company or person has done.

For example, you may want to thank “Company 123” for speaking at your networking function last week, so you may tag them in a post so all your connections can link to their page.

You can @ tag any friend, or fan Page you’ve liked, or Event to which you’ve RSVP’d. You can not just tag randoms.

Saying that, tagging isnt also 100% full proof.

Clearing your cache, restarting your browser, switching from Firefox to Chrome, or even logging out of Facebook and back in again can help in getting @ tags to function properly. This goes for the  @ tags in comments too.

Don’t get to greedy and start tagging companies to appear on their wall. People will catch on to what you are doing and think you are a spammer.

Use it for the right reasons and it can be a handy tool.

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