Facebook Housekeeping

As you can imagine, and perhaps have experienced for yourself, having this many connections fills your Facebook News Feed with a non-stop stream of status updates from all these people. If I knew them all and were interested in everything they have to say, that would be one thing.

But, the unfortunate truth is that I simply don’t have the time or interest to keep up with all these updates.

This is particularly true for Facebook Pages that I’ve liked for businesses that I don’t know, but liked because I was asked to. Frankly, I’m not doing these businesses any favors.

By Liking a Facebook Page, I’ve increased their fan base by one, of course, but since I’m not interested in them I do not Like or engage their Facebook Page posts.

Due to Facebook EdgeRank, the ability for your Page Posts to be seen by fans depends on how often your past posts have been engaged. By being a fan and not engaging a business, I’m decreasing their engagement ratio. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s certainly not helpful.

To adjust your Facebook Page likes, go back to your profile and click on your Likes tab. Depending on how many personal tabs you have, you may need to expand your tabs to find it (see image below).

The Likes area starts with your Favorites, which is divided into Music, Books, Movies, Television, Games, Athletes, Sports Teams, Favorite Sports, Activities, Interests and Inspirational People. Below that, you’ll find the Pages that you have Liked in reverse chronological order.

Removing Pages from your Favorites is easy. Click on the Edit button in the upper right and that will break out your Favorites categories and list the Pages within each one. Simply click the X on each Page tile to remove it from your Favorites.

Once you’ve cleaned up your Favorites, look for the small link, just above your other Page Likes section, that says “Other pages you’ve liked.” Click that and a nice pop-up window will come up listing every other Page that you’ve liked.

Simply scroll through it and Unlike all of the Page that you’re no longer interested in.

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