Create Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn

LinkedIn should be viewed as a tool for marketers to connect with other professionals or companies in a meaningful way, not a platform for shouting your marketing message at unsuspecting victims.

For example, you wouldn’t approach a table full of professionals at a networking event that you don’t know and open up with “Buy my B2B marketing automation software! It will save you time and money.”

Here are a few tips to help create meaningful connection on LinkedIn:

1. Form proper relationships and avoid sounding like a pre-recorded message or a mulk mailout. It won’t work and will just be waiting for your time. By all means have a template to work from but don’t sound spammy.

2. Seek out common connections by either ask that person if they wouldn’t mind introducing you, or mention in your invite that you happen to know someone in common.

3. Use LinkedIn Groups to find targeted connections. This way you build some rapport and common ground with your connection.

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